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Lip enhancement & remodelling fillers in Chepstow, Bristol, Newport & Cardiff

Dr Kindy was particularly interested in art when at school having achieved an A level pass in the subject. He understands the need for balance and perspective when aiming to redress a persons features to what would be seen as pleasing and classically attractive. His aim is to sensitively rejuvenate and remodel a persons lips within the bounds of acceptable proportionality. It is with that in mind and with much discussion with the individual that Dr Kindy approaches the use of lip dermal fillers to enhance an individuals overall appearance . In the procedure he undertakes to make small but incremental changes and corrections where needed and guided by the patient’s input throughout the entire process to achieve the desired results that will not appear obvious to the individuals family members or friends.

How much do lip fillers cost?

Lip fillers start from £120 for small corrections and range from £180 to £270 for upper and lower lip depending on amount of filler used. Products used include Juvederm products, Teosyal, Belotero and others.

All procedures are relatively painless as numbing local anaesthetic nerve blocks are used prior to the procedure.

Consultations are free and a quotation can be provided.

For more information see our associated website at  www.chepstowcosmeticclinic.co.uk