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Micro Dermabrasion in Chepstow, Bristol, Newport & Cardiff

Micro dermabrasion 30-45mins £45
Neck or lower neck line extra (each) £10

Micro Dermabrasion removes the built up layers of dead skin cells that accumulate in and around the pores of the skin especially from years of using moisturising creams and leaves skin smoother and brighter. The process involves the passing of a wand with a disposable head piece through which abrasive crytals pass over the skin it comes into contact with – its like using a paperless sandpaper to remove accumulated dead skin cells leaving your skin cleaner and healthier. The intensity of the treatment can be varied depending on what is desired and the individuals preference for depth of removal.

The treatment can be preceeded with a Dermaquest Glycolic (15%) application or Daily Enzyme cleanse and finished with a Dermaquest soothing and hydrating B5 serum.

The treatment is great for acne prone skin, for skin with enlarged pores or for ageing skin. It’s a brilliant resurfacing treatment with immediate results and suitable for all skin types except for those with very reactive and sensitive skin. Go to  www.aksalon.co.uk for more details.

Treatment for Micro Dermabrasion start at £45 per treatment session for the whole face.