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Micro needling is a process of producing multiple fine needle penetrations in previously anaesthetised skin. This results in a number of adaptive changes including the rejuvenating induction of new collagen fibres in the skin which improves the overall appearance of ageing skin including the eradication of fine lines and wrinkles and the eradication of superficial brown pigments on the surface of the skin.

The needling process is now achieved with an electrically controlled device known as a dermapen which uses individualy disposable needle cartridges and can be adjusted for speed and depth of penetration – this has numerous advantages over the old methods of using a dermaroller or a dermastamp – different areas of the skin require different depths of penetration and this is easily and quickly achieved with the dermapen.

The face is particularly good for this treatment – acne damaged skin can be particularly improved when combined with dermabrasion. The ageing face that has lost its vitality and is beginning to develop fine lines around the mouth and eyes also responds well. The abdomen with stretch marks also responds well to the treatment and stretch marks can be markedly improved with a series of these treatments.

We are currently offering this treatment at the AK Salon in Monmouth – please call Angela Kindy on 07772 026975 to arrange an appointment or for further information go to  www.aksalon.co.uk

Treatments start at £120 per treatment.