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Angela Kindy was trained by her father Dr Kindy in the science and art of permanent makeup – a specialised form of tatooing that can save people time and markedly improve appearance by re-framing the face with missing or scant eyebrows, eye liners and lip definition. Angela who is based in Monmouth has an artistic bent and takes pride and pleasure in providing this type of treatment.

The treatment is such a time saver and can produce enormous improvements for individuals who have sparse or no eyebrows or little eye definition. For further information go to www.aksalon.co.uk or call Angela directly on 07772026975

Full Eyebrows – complete new shape £225
(For clients with little or no eyebrow hair)
Eyebrows, tip or tail extension or thickening and defining natural shape £180
*The above prices include 2 sessions
Eyebrows top up (1 session) £85