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Wednesday 11th April 2018

I first met Dr Kindy a couple of weeks ago where I attended the clinic in Chepstow, to have some moles and lumps of various sizes removed, and was reassured this could be done.

I had always thought never to bother with removal as in the past NHS doctors had issued dire warnings about scarring so this had always put me off. I had two of these on my face , one on my head, and another large one on my neck, and a few on my body.

Of course needles are never nice, but the initial sting was over quickly and there was no pain during the removal procedure itself.

The results in just two weeks were amazing -if they even stayed like this I would be happy, but am assured there will be more improvement in time. Hair is now growing through the now flat area on my head where it has never grown before, and my face looks so much better already.

I found Dr Kindy very knowlegeable, calm and reassuring and would have no hesitation in recommending this clinic.

Just wish I had known of it years ago. I was so impressed I went back yesterday and had all my others done !!

Mrs. N